It’s a bag, it’s a hog, it’s a Washog!

What is Washog? It’s a new laundry bag/toy designed for children (and fun-loving adults) which turns the boring task of tidying your room into a fun game!


The Washog Story

  • A wedding in Croatia...

  • a floordrobe drama...

  • a stag party turtle suit.

In 2014 my daughter and my son in law were getting married in Croatia. The hens and stags each had a day of boat trips and evening parties. Matt, my son in law was given a stretchy Turtle suit to wear, and after a long sweltering day of festivities, he decided to change into something cooler for evening dinner.
Matt went out with the boys.
Amy my daughter stayed in and looked after Ava and Henry, my Grandchildren.
At 8pm I had a phone call in my hotel room from Amy, asking if I could come and help tidy up their room, as they were moving to the Honeymoon suit on the following day. Faced with Floordrobe carnage, I tried to encourage the wee bairns to help put the dirty laundry into plastic bags, and then put the bags into their suitcase. They were having none of it, and went off to watch TV.
I saw the Turtle suit, and saw that a mundane chore could turn into fun. We started stuffing the suit with all the laundry. The kids actually stuffed and stuffed the suit, until we had a full blown Turtle character lying on the floor. We called him “Ruben Cavtat the third”, and put him to bed, waiting for Matt to find him when he returned. I looked at Amy, and knew from that moment that this idea needed to become a reality, fun with laundry? It was now a thing!
WASHOG was born.

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